Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy: Recovering Function; Reclaiming You.

Have you ever found yourself unable to do something that once was easy or everyday?

Restoring Function

Physical therapy focuses on restoring function in daily life, meeting common disabilities and ailments and treating them with extraordinary care.  Whether a surgery or injury has sidelined you, or you feel less stable and more prone to falling, our therapists will work with you to create a plan dedicated to reaching your goals.

Treating Your Needs

We center our care around the specifics of your needs.  A comprehensive evaluation is the first step we take to ensure all appropriate options are considered.  Treatments include a variety of therapeutic applications, including:  Therapeutic exercise; manual (hands-on) mobilization and manipulation of tissues and structures; traction; electrical stimulation; and therapeutic ultrasound.  A home exercise program is also provided, to both supplement treatment, and provide a framework for you to continue once you have met your goals and skilled therapy services are no longer required.

Getting You Back on Track

Our Physical Therapy team works together to ensure that your recovery is as complete and efficient as possible.  Our goal is to reduce your pain and restore your physical abilities as quickly as possible so you may return to your regular activities.