Speech Therapy

“Communication is not only the essence of being human, but also a vital property of life.” -John A. Piece

Hearing, understanding, and speaking are essential to mainstream communication.  A disorder in communication can negatively affect personal interaction and often interfere with educational, vocational or social success.  Speech-language pathologists are typically master’s certified clinicians who evaluate, diagnose and treat disorders of language, speech, swallowing and cognitive-communication in individuals of all ages.

While the length and course of treatment will vary according to nature, severity, age, and individual’s awareness of the disorder, speech-language pathologists may evaluate and treat the following disorders:

Articulation: teaching correct speech sounds

Voice disorders: teaching proper control of the vocal and respiratory systems for voice production

Fluency: assisting individuals who stutter to increase their fluency

Receptive/Expressive language: improving language comprehension and production

Aphasia: improving comprehension of speech, reading and production of language

Cognitive-communication: assisting in improving cognitive processes such as reasoning, awareness, attention, memory and executive functions

Swallowing: diagnosing swallow disorders and assisting in improving the quality and safety of a swallow by swallow strategies and strengthening exercises

The speech therapists at West Michigan Rehabilitation have experience in adult videofluoroscopic swallow studies (VFSS) to assess swallow function.  Our therapists are certified in Vital-Stim Therapy.  This is a form of treatment for swallowing disorders and is approved by the FDA.  Vital-stim utilizes neuromuscular electrical stimulation techniques along with specific exercises to return an individuals swallow function.